Nick Padilla – The Hustle Behind

Nick Padilla, Co-Founder

How is changing how space and storage is done in the Philippines? In this episode, Ronster chats with Nick Padilla of Nick will share his humble beginnings as a photographer in Zalora and how he was able to climb up the ranks there. He will also share how he became an integral part of Rockwell Land’s digitalization and how he eventually launched to address a growing space and storage problem that Metro Manila has. He will also share key learnings on how they were able to grow organically and pivoted during the pandemic in this episode brought to you by B21.

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I Tried the Services of and Never Looked Back Homepage

A friend suggested that I store my unwanted things at, a storage company that was locally owned and run by a group of young individuals. I was wary at first, we’re talking about important documents, and half of my life being stashed in a warehouse by an online storage company, you know. Little did I know that I would fall in love with because of the little things that matter most.

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