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What To Do When Your Office Becomes Too Small

October 19, 2018 • 4 min read
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Remember when you started out your business, and you had a well laid out office? You had a nice clean wide desk with the office supplies neatly kept in the drawers. The filing cabinets were bare save for a few documents. Your coffee table was adorned with only a couple of magazines. Fast forward two years later, and your office is unrecognizable - papers everywhere the cabinets filled to the brim. Your desk is now covered with stuff that you barely have space to write on. Your drawers are now filled with knick knacks that you can’t find what you need (where is that paperclip when you need it?). That wonky printer sitting on your office sofa, leaving room for just one customer to sit.

Things in the office naturally accumulate as your company grows. So what can you do about it? Here are some options:

Save your paperwork electronically.

Nowadays, there are many options to convert your important documents to electronic files.

First you will need a trusty scanner to convert your documents to PDF or JPEG you may want to get a dedicated scanner to do the job, but it will be quite pricey. You can also get one of those three in one printers that can print, scan and copy, which gives you value for your money. If you don’t want to spend at all, you can use your smart phone to take pictures of your files through scanner-like apps. However, this will be extremely time consuming compared to traditional scanners.

Next off, you may save your files to your computer or an external hard drive. You may also subscribe to cloud services and save your files on the cloud. Whatever you prefer, back up your files regularly. Better yet, have a back up to your back up since electronic folders are prone to inadvertent deletions, systems hacks, or file corruption.

Go Back to Basics

Organized Desk

Remember the time when your office was pristine? Why not try to achieve that same bare style and throw out the things that are not really used?

Move to a bigger space

This is the obvious solution. However, not everyone has the time, money or resources to pull this one off.

Moving to a new and bigger office will surely solve your space woes. However, you may not have the financial capability of taking on a higher rent, not to mention the costs of renovating the new place.

Moving your entire operation may also take considerable time. And for most offices, time is money. Your customers may have also been used to your location, so moving to a new place may turn them off.

Rent Storage Space

For some offices, converting all your documents to soft copies may not be the ultimate solution (you will still need all your receipts from five years back for taxation purposes, for instance). Same is true for keeping your clutter to a bare minimum (some stuff you just can’t throw away, as you may need it for some future reference or use).

Moving to a new place may be too expensive and risky.

The most optimal solution is to rent storage space for all your office stuff that you absolutely have to keep but don’t need on hand all the time.

Storage spaces also keep your things secure and undamaged, so you can stay worry-free while you focus on your daily operations.

There are also affordable options for you and your company that will not break the bank. Companies like also offer more than just storage space. has value added service such as moving and delivery assistance to make your experience as hassle-free as possible. So keep these in mind when your office has become to small for your business.

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