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Key Storage Strategies for Corporations

October 19, 2018 • 4 min read
Kahon Team
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Your business needs more physical storage space for your burgeoning business. You’ve decided to rent a storage space for your items and records that need to be stashed away. However, with the right planning, people and logistics are crucial to make the move as quick, efficient and stress-free as possible. You cannot go all gung-ho on your move. You need to plan using the five Ws and H (who, what, when, where, why, how).

It is good practice to start with the why. Why are you moving? Is it necessary or not? Why are you keeping some items and hauling away others? Whatever the reason is, the end result should be beneficial to your corporation.

What do you need to store away? To keep track of what to keep and what to haul away, a detailed inventory of your items is essential.

Who will form part of your team to make the move? Just because you have a general plan and your employees are made aware does not automatically mean that everything will be smooth sailing. Each person must have a clear delegated role. It is also important to have a point-person to serve as the captain who directs the ship. That point person shall be key to keep the relocation team in check.

When When is the start and end of the project?
A realistic schedule is crucial in your storage to keep the storage process as efficient as possible. After all, time is money, especially for businesses.

Where will you store your things away? For some corporations, they might have a spare room to keep everything in place. But for most, renting storage space is the most feasible solution to their space problems in their offices.

How will you go about the whole process?
As stated earlier, planning is key. For instance, does your vehicle have enough space to make it in one trip or do you need several trips or more vehicles to make your move? Do you need special assistance. This project of storing your excess items away to keep your office clean and efficient need not be complicated for as long as you follow the fundamental principles of the 5W (and H).

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