Spacemaker Tip: How We Properly Pack for Storage

Ever thought about how our trained Spacemakers keep your items safe during transportation and storage until retrieval? It all starts with good packaging. 📦

We know it could be a tedious task! No other way but to learn and get help from the experts! 🙋🏻‍♂️ Here’s how we pack items to make sure your belongings are safe in storage.

1. Sorting and properly labeling confidential office documents

Pile of documents

We first sort the papers by category and pack them by priority for easier retrieval. We also tag each box with unique barcodes to avoid mix-up.

To ensure safety and avoid collapsing the items during transportation, we fill items all the way to the top of the Kahon or balikbayan box.

PS. We don’t overstuff your boxes.

2. Generously wrapping fragile items


Fragile items should be handled with utmost care. We use a generous amount of bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape to cover individual items and pieces. 

PS. We build a cushion inside your KAHON and fill in the gaps to securely protect the items. 

3. Using plastic wrap for furniture to avoid scratches and dust

Two men wrapping furniture

We use plastic wrap to protect your furniture from scratches and dust. Our Spacemakers can also disassemble your furniture to maximize your storage space. 

PS. We make sure to keep our warehouse facility dry to prevent molds.

4. We provide boxes to house bulky equipment

Photocopy machine

We make sure to fill all of the empty space inside the box with bubble wrap or fillers so the equipment is housed firmly. 

PS. It’s best to use the equipment’s original box but if it’s not available, we can always provide it.

Book our Labor Services together with your storage subscription and we’ll take the hassle of packing, labeling, and sorting your items out of your hands. If you need more help, contact us today and get a FREE recommendation.

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