Your Ultimate Storage Checklist

Are you storing for the first time or unsure of what to look for in a storage provider? No worries, here’s an ultimate storage checklist to help you choose the right storage place for your needs.

Get ready and grab a pen and paper to jot down this list from your trusted Spacemakers.

1. Learn more about the benefits of Full-Service Storage Solutions vs. Self-Storage

You might be more familiar with self-storage where you personally bring your items to a storage facility.

As one of the first Full-Service Storage Solutions in the Philippines, we want to give you convenience. Unlike self-storage, we allow you to just sit back, relax and just let our Spacemakers pack, pick-up, move, store, and return or deliver your stored items on demand.

2. Review and look for flexible subscription plans

Before booking a subscription, create a list of all the items you are planning to store. Our Spacemakers can give the best recommendation for FREE based on your item list and how much space it will consume.

Kahon subscription plans start at Php 1,788/ month for 2 SQM Kwarto (by-the-space storage) perfect for huge items and Php 250/ month for Mucho Kahon (by-the-box storage) which fits small to mid-sized items. Check our full price list of Kahon services through this link.

If you’re planning to add an item to your subscription or extend your stay, you can easily book through your account dashboard.

3. Check the accessibility of the warehouse location

Our warehouse facilities are strategically located within Metro Manila, Greater Luzon, and expanding to other key cities. We can also serve Space Seekers within Pampanga, Bulacan, NCR, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna.

4. Look at what other Space Seekers say about their experience

There’s no better way to know more about Kahon Storage service than by asking fellow Space Seekers how their storage experience was.

As Spacemakers, we take pride in giving our Subscribers the easiest and most convenient storage experience. Read other Space Seekers’ storage experience on our Facebook Page.

5. Read the Terms and Conditions and review the Insurance policy for added protection

Take time and don’t forget to read the Terms and Conditions before storing. For added protection, we’ve partnered with Pioneer Insurance to offer additional insurance coverage on top of the basic coverage we provide as a service benefit to our customers.

Have you checked all the things on this list?

If you’re ready, follow these steps to book your first subscription plan with us. If you need more help, contact us today and get a FREE recommendation.

Space be with you and we’re looking forward to helping you make space. 💙

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