First on-demand storage solution
in the Philippines is the first web-based storage solution in the Philippines.

Unlike conventional storage services, we eliminate the logistical burden of customers bringing their items to a storage facility while also giving them convenience of doing everything from the comfort of their homes.

Simply log on to our site, choose your preferred box size, prepare your stuff for storage and we'll handle the rest! We believe self-storage needs to catch up to the 21st century.

Our mission is to provide unlimited storage space on-demand.

As fans of innovation, we're constantly looking to pioneer new services as well as improve our current ones. We know that some of our best ideas evolve from the way you use us. So if there's some way we can make you life easier go ahead and use the live-chat and let us know. | The Space Makers

Why Kahon?

Security of items

Secure facility - monitored

24/7, located in a flood-free

area and meets all fire-code

Regulations ensuring all items

are safe.

Temperature and
Humidity Control

Our facility is temperature

controlled to make sure your

items are safe from heat and


Deliver and Retrieve

We're open everyday to

accomodate your needs

Manage Items Online

Manage your items from your

own personal dashboard. It's

your virtual access to your

stuff so you know exactly

where everything is!

No Long Terms Bonds

Simply choose your plans

according to how long you

need extra space. But

hey, it's cheaper if your stick

with us longer!


Saves you time and money

because you never have to

leave your home. Storing and

retrieving your items is as

easy as a click of a button