Labor Services

Save time and energy by letting our Spacemakers help you pack, sort, and label your items.

Regular Hours

8am to 5pm
250 per hour per person
  • Best paired with our Kahon or Kwarto storage for packing of personal items

Overtime Hours

Greater than 8 hours, or outside 8am to 5pm
350 per hour per person
  • Best for businesses that need to do inventory, labeling, and counting
* Additional fees may apply for transactions during holidays.

Need more services?

Storage by the Box

Safely store your items with Kahon – a high-quality propylene box with two tamper-proof security seals.

Storage by the Space

Need more than a few boxes to store your items? Go for Kwarto, our by-the-square-meter storage option.


From a sedan to a 6-wheeler truck, we’ve got the space to pick up and return your items - any size it might be.​