Frequently Asked Questions


What is is the only serviced storage company in the Philippines. Unlike traditional self-storage companies, we’ve integrated handling and logistics so that you have the most pleasant storage experience possible. This means that you never go to the storage facility -- you simply manage your items through our website and decide what you want to store and what you want returned.

How do I store with

Storing is easy. You first create an account at After creating an account, you choose which storage solution best fits your needs best. Our storage options can be classified into two more general types -- KAHON (by-the-box) for smaller items, and KWARTO (by-the-square-meter) for larger items that won’t fit in our boxes.

Where is the storage facility? Can I visit the location?

We maintain several storage facilities in and around Metro Manila, most of which are not open to the public. A closely monitored and locked facility allows us to maintain a significantly higher standard of security and efficiency for the collective benefit of our clients.

For people who require physical access to the storage facility, we have specific sites where we can accommodate so please do contact us if that is your requirement.

What are your operational hours?

Our operational hours are from 9am - 6pm, Monday-Sunday.

Client service hotline is available 24/7 but expect our quickest response from 9am-6pm, Mondays through Sundays. Do also get in touch with us at, via our live webchat, or on Facebook.

Which area does serve?

We currently service the Greater Manila Area, with plans of expanding. Do let us know if you want to serve your area. The more of you there are in a general area the quicker we can help!

Is your storage facility separated into different rooms?

Yes and no. Our storage facility is actually a network of warehouses with different configurations. Some are partitioned in large rooms, while others follow an open model with racking to optimize warehouse space. To continue delivering excellent service at a fair price, we have to ensure that we operate at top efficiency and thus put a lot of thought and planning into our storage facilities.

What is your minimum storage period?

Minimum storage period for Kahon is 3 months, while for Kwarto is 1 month. If you wish to store for a shorter time, please do let us know and we’ll try our best to accommodate your requirement.

How do I know what I stored with if I don’t get to visit the storage facility?

When we pick up your items, we take pictures and upload them to our system so that you are able to view it on your own personal dashboard on All you have to do is log in to your account and click on "My Dashboard". Should you want anything returned, just click on the item you want back and we’ll do the rest. It literally feels like you’ve stored all your stuff in your computer.

You can also customize your dashboard and add your own photos and descriptions to better manage your items, or not do anything at all, it's totally up to you!

What happens if I miss an appointment (Delivery, Pick-Up, Return, Consultation)

We will try our best to call and remind you of your appointment/s, but if in the off chance you do miss it completely and fail to reschedule or cancel, we may have to charge you a no-show penalty starting at Php 1000 for Kahon and Php 3000 for Kwarto. :(

*prices are subject to change without prior notice

What are the prohibited items to store?

You can store anything as long as it’s not illegal, dangerous, perishable. The items you store should also not put items of other clients, or the storage facility itself in any undue risk of contamination. We reserve the right to reject any items that breach this agreement during pick-up.

For more details on the items please do check the list below. Though it is not exhaustive, it should give you an idea of how what type of items you can store.

  • Adhesives
  • Antifreeze
  • Beverages containing 70% or More Alcohol by Volume, Etc.
  • Body washes containing alcohol
  • Brake, transmission and windshield washer fluids
  • Camping gas, glazing torches and other harmful gases
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Certain cleaners containing pine oil
  • Cooking oil
  • Dry-cleaning spotters and solvents for home-use
  • Engine additives
  • Flammable gases (i.e. butane gas)
  • Flammable liquids (i.e. gasoline, lighter fluid & diesel)
  • Flammable solids (i.e. non-safety matches, disposable BBQ & coal)
  • Flour
  • Hair mousse
  • Hair sprays and other hair products containing alcohol
  • Lighter fluid
  • Lighters
  • Liquid correction fluids
  • Matches, charcoal, phosphorus and articles which are easily ignited
  • Oil-based paint
  • Paint thinners and primers
  • Paints, thinner and liquid adhesives
  • Perfume
  • Powder (i.e. Powdered milk)
  • Engine additives
  • Pesticides
  • Spray (i.e. Hair spray & Sunscreen spray)
  • Spray lubricants (i.e. WD40)
  • Varnish

  • Kindly read our Rules and Regulations for a full list of exclusions and further details.

    What’s your insurance policy?

    The maximum claim allowable for a Kahon is Php 5000. An additional Php 5000 can be purchased to augment the free insurance. For Kwarto insurance, damage must be proven to have happened while items were in the possession of to be valid.

    *prices are subject to change without prior notice

    If I’m not available, can I instruct someone else to accommodate the appointment?

    Absolutely! Just let us know by telling us who the contact person is, and providing us his or her contact details.

    What happens to my order if it gets affected by external circumstances (i.e. emergencies, poor weather conditions)?

    We would hate to put your items at risk during transport due to inclement weather and would thus have to reschedule it at a better date. Space Makers will be sure to closely coordinate with you if such an event arises.

    Kahon (by the box storage)

    How Kahon Works

    How does Kahon work?

    1. Create an account.
    2. Choose which of the three by-the-box storage options fits your requirement best (Mucho, Grande, Higante).
    3. Schedule delivery date.

    On the day of Delivery, a Space Maker will go to your address to hand you the empty Kahon (or a sticker if you choose Higante).

    Once you receive the empty Kahon, you can pack your items inside. Just make sure the lid closes flat, and it is not beyond the allowed weight limit of 20kg. If the lid doesn’t close properly, or is too heavy, we consider the Kahon to be overloaded and reserve the right to refuse pick-up until it is properly packed.

    Once you’ve done what you needed to do and you're ready for storage, you simply have to schedule a pick-up online and we’ll be there.

    On the day of the pick-up, we’ll have a Space Maker go to your address to seal your Kahon, and bring it to storage. If you feel that you can pack the Kahon you ordered in under 20 minutes, we would be happy to wait for you pack. In addition, should you be the O.C. type, you can take photos of the items inside your Kahon for upload to your own online item dashboard.

    For Higante, you will get a sticker which you basically stick to any item you want stored. Our clients usually know what they want taken away already so we do pick-up Higante items on the same day. Please do take note, however, that our Space Makers are only allowed to lift items up to 25kg. For heavier items, we can have an additional Space Maker help you but this will necessitate additional fees.

    What kind of boxes do you supply?

    Our Kahon is a high-quality polypropylene box which is extremely durable and easy to clean up. Each box comes with two tamper-proof security seals which our Space Makers will apply in your presence once you've finished packing.

    How many Kahons can I store?

    You can have as many kahons as you want! There is no minimum or maximum requirement. But we suggest availing Kwarto if you plan to store items that do not fit in the box, or if you plan on storing 10 Kahons or more.

    Can I keep the Kahons once I get my stuff back from storage?

    Every Kahon is precious to us. We want to offer other customers the same good service and boxes. So, we would like to have the Kahon returned.

    What if I misplaced or damaged a Kahon?

    A damaged or misplaced Kahon will cost you Php 2500 per piece.

    *prices are subject to change without prior notice

    Can I rent a Kahon without storing at your storage facility?

    Absolutely! We'll automatically start your billing cycle on the delivery date. So, it's up to you to schedule a Pick-Up after the initial delivery.

    Pricing and Billing

    How much does a Kahon cost?

      Mucho Grande Higante
      Kahon Size L 55cm x W 39cm x H 33cm L 64cm x W 52cm x H 36cm Any Oversized Item
      Weight Capacity Maximum weight 20kg Maximum weight 20kg Maximum weight 25kg
      3 Months Php 300/month Php 400/month Php 500/month
      6 Months Php 250/month Php 350/month Php 450/month
      12 Months Php 200/month Php 300/month Php 400/month

      *prices are subject to change without prior notice

    What is the billing process for Kahon or Higante Items?

    The monthly subscription fee is paid one month in advance. Your billing period starts on the delivery date of your Kahon. For Higante, billing starts on delivery and pick-up date.

    How much is the Return fee for Kahon?

    Minimum return fee for a single Kahon is Php 400. Fee is calculated depending on number of Kahons.

    *prices are subject to change without prior notice

    Is there a charge for late payment?

    If you fail to arrange the payment of any amount payable to us past the 15 day grace period after the due date, we will charge a Late Payment Fee of Php 500 for Kahon to be levied every 15th date past due onward, up to 90 days past due. You can check our Rules and Regulations for more details.

    *prices are subject to change without prior notice

    If I need, how much is your packing service?

    Our Space Makers can help you pack your stuff! We do charge a service fee of Php 1500 per Space Maker. The more Space Makers, the quicker the packing.

    *prices are subject to change without prior notice


    What are the sizes and weight limit of the Kahons?

    The dimensions of our Kahons (by centimeter) are the following:
    MUCHO is L 55cm x W 39cm x H 33cm GRANDE is L 64cm x W 52cm x H 36cm

    Each Kahon is limited to a maximum capacity of 20kg. If your stuff does not fit in the Kahon we deliver, you can easily place another order with just a few clicks.

    The HIGANTE size is used for any single item that weighs less than 25kg and can be moved by a Space Maker. Our Space Makers will not accept any item that we reasonably believe exceeds the given weight.

    Can I use my own boxes instead of your Kahons?

    Yes! You can use your own boxes or containers. If the item does not exceed 25 kg and can be easily carried by one person, we will consider it a Higante.

    Will you wait while I pack or unpack my Kahon?

    If you can finish packing within 20 minutes of delivery we can wait and store your Kahon on the same day.

    If you need to have your stored Kahons returned, just log into your account and select the Kahons that you need and we’ll Return them at your address.

    Delivery, Pick-Up, and Return

    How do I schedule Deliveries, Pick-Ups, and Returns?

    Deliveries of new Kahons are scheduled through the Order Page upon requesting an order. Pick-up and Return of Kahons can be scheduled by logging into your account and accessing your item dashboard. Here you can select which items you want stored or returned.

    How soon should I request for Deliveries, Pick-Ups, and Returns?

    Please request your Deliveries, Pick-Ups, and Returns or Kahons at least 48 hours before your chosen date.

    How often can I move my Kahon in and out of the storage facility?

    As often as you like. Simply login to, choose which Kahon you need and select the most convenient delivery date and time for you. Pick-up of your packed Kahon is free. Returns are Php 400 per Kahon.

    *prices are subject to change without prior notice

    What happens if I’m unable to unpack my Kahons when I end my subscription?

    We can always reschedule another appointment to retrieve our empty Kahons. However, please note that we only allow up to 14 days for unpacking, if you keep the Kahons for longer, we will start billing you again after the 15th day.

    Kwarto (by squaremeter storage)

    How Kwarto Works

    What is Kwarto?

    Kwarto is our by the square-meter storage option. It is basically a virtual room to store anything that does not fit in a Kahon.

    How do I get a Kwarto?

    We highly suggest that you book a consultation with us prior to getting a Kwarto. The consultation with a Space Maker is free, and allows us to better tailor the Kwarto plan for what you actually want to store. This means that through consultations we are able to better assess your actual storage requirement while gathering data to better advise you on how to prep your items for more efficient storage.

    For clients who know exactly how many square meters they need we can proceed directly with a cost estimate. Once this cost estimate is approved, we schedule a pick-up date for the items.

    The Pick-Up of your items will happen at a later date. During the Pick-Up, our Space Makers will label and photograph each item, container, or group of items with a barcode to help us keep track and manage your kwarto.

    Pick-up of your items will cost at least Php 1000 depending on the truck size requirements.

    *prices are subject to change without prior notice

    Do I need to do a Consultation?

    We highly recommend a consultation before the Pick-Up so that we can give you the best service possible. And to do that, we need to understand and properly prepare for your storage needs! By conducting a consultation we can also give you a better estimate of what kwarto size you’ll need and its estimated cost. Don’t worry, Consultations are free!

    If you opt to do the Pick-up without our consultation, it greatly helps if you can list down all your items with their dimensions so that we can prepare the right type of equipment.

    How is Kwarto different from traditional storage providers?

    Traditional storage facilities have fixed room sizes, which you pay for filled or not. With you only pay for the space that you actually use.

    Aside from this, we’ve also integrated logistics to our service so that you'll never have to personally visit our storage facility. Just use our website and your online item dashboard to manage your items and have them picked-up or returned to you directly at your preferred location.

    What sizes are available?

    Our standard Kwarto size ranges from 2 sqm to 20 sqm. If you need more space than that, you may contact us directly at or Smart: (+63)999-998-5945, Globe: (+63)956-522-8384.

    How do I know what Kwarto I need?

    Get a free consultation with a Space Maker and we’ll measure everything for you. Just make sure everything is packed and ready to be stored for the most accurate estimate.

    Pricing and Billing

    How much does Kwarto cost?

    The pricing of Kwarto is simply Php 750 per SQM per Month. Minimum Kwarto size is 2 sqm and require a minimum storage period of 1 month.

    *prices are subject to change without prior notice

    How much is the Return fee for my items?

    The fee for Returns depend on the vehicle size required to transport your items.
    Service Fee Vehicle Size
    Kwarto Return
    Php 1000 Sedan
    Php 2000 L300
    Php 4000 4-Wheeler
    Php 6000 6-Wheeler

    *prices are subject to change without prior notice

    What is the billing process for Kwarto?

    Payment for Kwarto is done one month in advance. Billing cycle starts on the day your items are stored in the warehouse. Billing can be paid in full or monthly.

    Is there a charge for late payment?

    If you fail to arrange the payment of any amount payable to us past the 15 day grace period after the due date, we will charge a Late Payment Fee of Php 1500 for Kwarto to be levied every 15th date past due onward, up to 90 days past due. You can check our Rules and Regulations for more details.

    *prices are subject to change without prior notice


    Can you pack for me?

    If your stuff needs to be packed, we can offer additional help to pack your items for transportation and storage. The service fee for this packing help is P1500 per person.

    *prices are subject to change without prior notice

    Do you provide packing materials?

    We provide basic packing materials such as cling wrap, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes and packing tape. If there are any special packing requirements please do let us know ahead of time so we service you accordingly.

    Who’s responsible for packing delicate items?

    Liability rests on whoever packed the delicate items. If you avail of our packing service, we will be liable in case of damages during transfer and/or storage. As we Pick-Up your stuff we will indicate which item/s were packed by and assume responsibility for those items during packing. However, will not be responsible for damages to any items that we were not able to thoroughly inspect during the Ocular or Pick-Up.

    What’s your disclaimer on Packing Liability?

    If any damages were to occur due to our negligence we will claim responsibility and offer compensation for the damages of up to Php 2500 per item. Reimbursement claims must be made immediately following incidents. will have the right decrease or deny reimbursements in the case that you or a third party’s involvement or negligence contributed to the said damages.

    *prices are subject to change without prior notice

    Delivery, Pick-Up, and Return

    How do I prepare for Kwarto Pick-Up?

    The best way you can prepare for a Pick-Up is to have your items packed and segregated to help our Space Makers move your items efficiently. If you can’t pack you can always avail of our packing service. It would also help if you could inform your building management beforehand that we will be coming to store your stuff!

    How fast can I get my stuff from my Kwarto returned?

    Give us 2 days notice to prepare your items and Return them to you. For short-notice requests, please contact our customer service to see if our logistics team can accommodate your request at, Smart: (+63)999-998-5945, Globe: (+63)956-522-8384.

    I moved to a new place and would like my items to be delivered back to a new address. Are there any extra charges?

    As long as your new address is within Metro Manila there will be no additional charges. For addresses outside Metro Manila, please shoot us a message at or call us at Smart: (+63)999-998-5945, Globe: (+63)956-522-8384 so we can find a solution right away.

    Order Changes and Cancellations

    Can I change or cancel an appointment once it’s booked?

    Yup! But make sure that you tell us 48 hours before the appointment. Otherwise, you may incur additional rescheduling fees. Feel free to chat with us at, shoot us an e-mail at, or text us at Smart: (+63)999-998-5945 or Globe: (+63)956-522-8384.

    How do I cancel or end my subscription?

    Log on to your account, email or call us at Smart: (+63)999-998-5945, Globe: (+63)956-522-8384 to schedule for Return of all your Kahons/items. Once all Kahons are emptied and returned to our Space Maker, we shall automatically cancel your subscription

    Please do note that you will have to pay the remaining months on your contract if you cancel before the initial subscription end date.


    What are your modes of payment?

    Online payment method:
    • Credit Card via PayPal

    Alternate payment methods:
    • Bank Deposit
    • Cash
    • Cheque

    If you wish to pay through Bank Deposit or Cash/Cheque, shoot us an e-mail at or call us at Smart: (+63)999-998-5945 or Globe: (+63)956-522-8384.

    What happens if I cancel my subscription before it is completed?

    You will have to pay the remaining months on your contract if you cancel before the initial subscription end date.

    Is there charge for late payment?

    If you fail to arrange the payment of any amount payable to us past the 15 day grace period after the due date, we will charge a Late Payment Fee of Php 500 for Kahon and Php 1500 for Kwarto to be levied every 15th date past due onward, up to 90 days past due. You can check our Rules and Regulations for more details.

    *prices are subject to change without prior notice

    What happens if I miss my payment?

    If you miss a storage payment we will get in touch with you to see how we can re-arrange the payment. Or, you may contact our customer service at Smart: (+63)999-998-5945 or Globe: (+63)956-522-8384. You may also email us at If we fail to contact you after a certain amount of attempts or time, we may need to auction of your items to pay for arrears. For more info please do contact us.


    How do you ensure safety of my items?

    We keep your items secure by keeping them in tightly controlled facilities closed to the public, where only personnel are allowed access. The facilities are monitored 24/7 by CCTV and security personnel, plus additional security systems.

    Where will my items be stored?

    Your items will be stored based on your location and capacity of facilities in your vicinity. Having numerous facilities around the Greater Manila Area, we select the facility that can best serve our clients requirement depending on the type of items or requirements you give us.

    What security does your storage facility have?

    Our security consists of the following:
    • 24hr CCTV monitoring
    • 24hr Security Patrols
    • Police Emergency Link
    • A dedicated team of fully trained facility operatives

    Can I visit the storage facility?

    For the purpose of security we do not allow clients to visit our storage facilities. We do, however, have a partner facility that is open to visits. We are also able to store your items with our partner/s if you require physical access to the storage facility. For inquiries regarding this preference, please email us at or chat with us on the website.

    Can you open my Kahon boxes or items?

    We know how important your belongings are to you and we value your privacy so we do not open your Kahons unless required by a government investigation, or it is the source of a foul smell and/or leakage. In both cases, trust that you will be notified prior to opening.


    Do you have a Mobile App?

    Not yet, but if you sign up in our website, you’ll be the first to know!

    Your website isn’t working and I can’t access my account. What should I do?

    Luckily, our Space Makers are always prepared and eager to help!

    You can give us a call at Smart: (+63)999-998-5945 or Globe: (+63)956-522-8384 or e-mail us at during our office hours from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and we’ll get to work.

    How do I update my contact information?

    To update your contact information or address you may call our Customer Service hotline Smart: (+63)999-998-5945 or Globe: (+63)956-522-8384 from Monday to Saturday, 9:00AM to 6:00PM or email us at