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Santa’s Space Mission is our year-end campaign launching Kahon’s Referral Program.


  1. The Kahon Referral Program is open to all existing and new subscribers who have/will sign up for a minimum 2SQM Kwarto (by-the-sqm storage) subscription for a period of 6 months.
    1. Current Subscriber – an existing Kwarto (by-the-sqm storage) subscriber with an active referral code.
    2. Referred Friend – a first-time Kwarto (by-the-sqm storage) subscriber who received a referral code from a Current Subscriber.
  2. Kahon (by-the-box) subscribers are currently NOT eligible for this program.
  3. Referral Incentive
    1. Current Subscriber:
      • For every successful referral, the Current Subscriber will receive a one-time P500 discount on their next month’s invoice.
      • If the Current Subscriber made more than 1 successful referral, the P500 discount will be accumulated and will reflect on the next month’s invoice.
    2. Referred Friend:
      • By using the Current Subscriber’s referral code, the Referred Friend will receive a maximum of P500 one-time discount on their first Kwarto (by-the-sqm storage) pick-up transaction.
  4. How to use the referral code
    1. Current Subscriber:
      • A referral code will be sent to the account’s registered email.
      • Copy the referral code and share it with friends.
      • There will be no maximum number of friends who can use the referral code.
      • The discount will be automatically reflected on the next month’s invoice.
    2. Referred Friend
      • The Referred Friend should sign up and create an account at
      • Must subscribe to a minimum of 2SQM Kwarto Subscription for a period of 6 months.
      • Input the Current Subscriber’s referral code upon checkout.
      • The discounted amount will already be reflected upon checkout.
      • An Account Manager will reach out to confirm the subscription booking details.
      • The Current Subscriber’s referral code is valid for one-time use on a single Kwarto pick-up transaction only.
      • The Kwarto Pick-up transaction should be within serviceable areas only (NCR, Rizal, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Pampanga).
      • Upon successful booking, the Referred Friend will also receive a referral code to share with friends. If the storage subscription by the Referred Friend ended before the 6-month period, P500 will be charged on the Return Invoice of the Referred friend.
  5. For questions or concerns, email us at