Storage Mistakes You Should Avoid for Your Business

In a list of what “to do” and “not to do” when managing a business, we know things can be overwhelming and some important things might slip your mind so here’s a reminder of all the storage mistakes you should avoid.

#1 Forgetting to keep track of everything.

A busy business owner

Did you know, according to a study by the Business Pulse Survey (2017), 39% of business owners said finding paperwork is their biggest time waster*?!

Make better use of your time with our easy-to-use Online Dashboard’s inventory system. Manage and find your stored documents and items in just a few clicks.

#2 Storing your stocks at home or at the office.

A busy business owner

We know you want to keep everything on hand but trust us, there are some things better to be stored separately. No matter how big or small your items are, you can store them in our facilities and pay only for the space you use with our flexible storage plans.

#3 No one is keeping an eye on your items.

A busy business owner

Aside from a 24/7 surveillance system in our warehouse facilities, we have Spacemakers to physically monitor and keep your items safe. 

Let’s scale your business together with our specialized storage solutions that can help manage your growing inventory.

Get started and send our team a message at to know more. 🚀

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