Storage Myths, Debunked! 

With a lot of information about storage available on the internet, let’s debunk some myths that you might have believed!

MYTH #1 Storage is too expensive


With just Php 250 per month, you get to store an assortment of items inside a KAHON. If you need to store boxes instead, go for KWARTO – our by-the-square-meter storage option, starting at Php 839 per SQM monthly.

MYTH #2 Items are not safe


When you store with us, we always make sure to value your items like our own. Aside from 24/7 CCTV installed, we have Spacemakers on duty to physically monitor your stored items.

MYTH #3 You’ll be stuck in a year-long contract


Of course, we always want you to stick around for a long time, but if you’re not yet willing to commit long-term, say hello to flexible storage plans! Store for a minimum of 1 month for KWARTO and 3 months for KAHON, and you can adjust as needed.

MYTH #4 Only large storage spaces are available


No matter the size, pay only for the space you use with our two storage options – KAHON for small to mid-sized objects and KWARTO for bigger items.

MYTH #5 Better to store in spare rooms


We can make it better! With our online inventory management system, no need to flip the whole room just to look for items. Easily access your items in just a few clicks.

Still got some myths or questions? Send us a message and we’re happy to tell you all the truths about storage! 💙

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